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Staying Healthy in the Winter Class

– Posted in: Special Announcements
Winter foods

As we get closer to Winter here in Fort Collins – many of my patients are asking me — “how do I stay healthy this Winter?”

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine it is important to live according to the season.  What type of exercise is best for your body in the Winter time?  What foods are best for you in the Winter? What emotions are more prevalent in the Winter and how do you best process them? How do you protect your body for catching the common cold or flu during this season?

Come find out answers at 6pm on Monday January 9th at Fort Collins Family Acupuncture.  This $25 class will give you tools you can use to stay healthy all winter long.

Paula McIntosh from International Appetite will be cooking warm food for you to enjoy at the class and she will provide the recipes so you can take them home with you and start your Winter recipe collection.

Contact us to sign up. We look forward to seeing you there.