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Stay Healthy All Season Class

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Colds and flu

Join Kimberley Benjamin & Jennifer Bao from Fort Collins Family Acupuncture and Paula McIntosh from International Appetite on September 6th 2011  – 6- 7:15pm for a class that will teach you practical tools to help you stay healthy during the Fall season.

Fall is the time of year when the “downward shift” begins; where light lessens, days shorten in length and Qi reabsorbs back in the earth.  It is the season that prepares your body for the upcoming dormant time (winter). In Chinese Medicine, Fall is signified by the Lung organ and the Metal elements Examples of an imbalanced Lung:

  • cough fatigue
  • light wheezing
  • weak breathing
  • catch colds & flu easily
  • grief
  • cries easily

In addition, you will learn some new cooking techniques using seasonal ingredients, as well as sample these recipes fresh, from local Chef Paula McIntosh of International Appetite, Culinary Services.

This is a $25 class that you will certainly get your values worth.  Sign up today.

We look forward to seeing you there, and don’t forget to book your fall Acupuncture “tune-up” appointment(s). Time to get ready for the coming Fall season.