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Get Ready Get Set For Fall

– Posted in: Special Announcements
Fall health

Fall, or Autumn, is just around the corner! And around this time of year pharmacies are promoting flu shots with super enthusiasm. We here at Fort Collins Family Acupuncture would like to educate you on how the Chinese took care of themselves during this time of year, and no – they did NOT get flu shots.

Come join us Tuesday evening, September 6th, at 6pm to learn how you can adapt to the Fall season and stay healthy the natural way. Can’t make make September 6th? No problem, we are offering a second class on October 19th.

Want even more incentive to attend? Each class will include cooking techniques and delicious eats provided by International Appetite! YUM – I’m positive you do not want to miss it!

Call us at 970-472-0955 to sign up. Hope to see you there!