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Five Elements Class

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Chinese five elements

We will be teaching a class about the Five Elements and how each represents a season. Changing  one’s diet and lifestyle in accordance with the season can help keep a person healthy and happy all year round.

For example in the winter time we should all sleep more, meditate more, and perhaps even put on a few pounds.  Our bodies are in a time of hibernation and rest to prepare for the spring and the summer.  Whereas Spring is a time for expansion and growth.  And a time when we need push our bodies out of the hibernation and start gearing up for activities and movement.  When allowing our bodies to truly be in tuned with the seasons we are able to stay healthy even when others around us are sick.

Class Details:

  • Starting on Tuesday February 1st (2011) from 6 – 7:30pm
  • Continuing on for 6 consecutive Tuesdays at the same time
  • Class held inside Ultimate Health and Wellness (see map on this website)
  • Signing up before January 25th is $99
  • After January 25th is $125

Call today to reserve your space!  970-472-0955

We look forward to seeing you there.