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Join Fort Collins Family Acupuncture Supporting The Matthew’s House

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Non-profit organization

The Matthew’s House is a non-profit organization in Ft Collins. The organization strives “to fill the current gap in services for at-risk youth transitioning to adulthood by providing the resources and support necessary to empower these youth to take control of their lives, shape positive futures for themselves and become successful contributors to their community”.

Many of you know that I am a supporter of The Matthew’s House. My background being in Social Work I appreciate what The Matthew’s House is doing for our community.  For the last four years a team has been organized to race the Wild West Relay.  The are looking for people to give a little bit of money to help support her on this event.  Join Fort Collins Family Acupuncture in supporting a life changing cause. Do you have $1 for The Matthews House — (or more, of course, would also be appreciated and is needed.)

Do you have $1 for The Matthew’s House?