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In the cupping process, a partial vacuum is created by heating special glass “cups.” When heated, a vacuum is formed inside them, and the rim of the cup is held gently against the skin. There is no chance the skin will be burned. More than one cup is usually applied. A bruise may form where cups are placed, but this is not painful and the bruise heals quickly. Cupping can be used to break up scar tissue, reduce muscle tightness, and it treats various lung issues such as bronchitis, COPD, pneumonia or asthma. It can even be used at the onset of the common cold to speed recovery. At Fort Collins Family Acupuncture we also utilize a modern, hand suction set of cups. They are lightweight, thin walled, and sturdy glass cups that offer a comfortable feeling on the skin. They are just as effective as the fire cupping type.

Gift Certificates

Fort Collins Family Acupuncture Gift CertificatesWhether you need a gift for someone special for  a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or some other special day consider giving them the “Gift of Health” – a gift certificate for Acupuncture treatment(s) or Chinese herbals.

Fort Collins Family Acupuncture offers Gift Certificates year-round.

Contact our offices for to arrange for your Gift Certificate(s) today. We can mail them out for you, or you can drop by our offices to pick them up. Call us at 970-472-0955 to place your order.