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Health Issues Related To Soy

– Posted in: Diet and Lifestyle

Most people think they know that soy is a health food, but do we really know —  or have we just fallen victim to popular propaganda.  One of our colleagues wrote a great article that uncovers the story about soy that many may not be aware of and how it truly affects your health.

Basically years ago, China and Japan planted soy beans but not as food for people. Initially soy beans were planted for the sole reason of returning nitrogen to the soil since growing rice was especially nitrogen-depleting to the soil where it was grown. The people knew better than to eat the soy however. Soy was particularly difficult to digest, causing gas and bloating. However, at some point someone figured out that if you buried it for six months and fermented it, it didn’t cause those symptoms. And so miso, tempeh, soy sauce, and natto were created. But despite the fermentation and some symptoms not being so obvious, there are still health issues to know about.