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More Vegetables Please

– Posted in: Diet and Lifestyle
Healthy vegtables

A teacher of mine once told me the key to health is being sure to eat every color of the rainbow… I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean Lucky Charms.  In Chinese Dietetics we learn how important it is to eat a variety of foods.  Not too much of any one thing.

It’s okay to eat chocolate, drink alcohol, and even eat French fries.  But the key is to do this in moderation.  I find most of my patients are deficient in vegetable intake. I usually don’t tell them to stop eating other items they love in their diet, rather I ask them to please add more vegetables to their diet.  I find once people add veggies that they end up eating less of other things that may in the long run not be doing there bodies much good.

In you live in the Fort Collins area local area, an easy way to get the right amount of veggies is to order a box from Door to Door Organics.  This is an online service that delivers a box of veggies to your front door.  You have the option to “white list” items so they always show up in your box or “black list” items so they never show up.  You also have the option of substituting up to 5 items per order.  You may also easily skip a delivery if you are going out of town.  I personally use this service and have found it be an excellent way for me to make sure I am eating all the veggies my body needs.