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Eating Healthy In The Fall

– Posted in: Diet and Lifestyle
Eat healthy for good digestion

It is essential to eat healthy all the time, but especially in the Fall season. Chinese medicine actually relates to “five seasons” instead of the typical four. In the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Summer is divided into two parts, speaking of which do make sure to read these beauty secrets for summer to look your best. The Chinese have both Summer and late Summer. Late Summer is that time at the end of summer and the early Autumn.  Sometimes there is a hot spell around this time of the year also. It has sometimes been referred to as “Indian Summer”, the purpose of this kind of medicine is to use different ways to heal your body, in a natural way, using alternative products from and practicing techniques like acupuncture.

The Stomach and Spleen rule this “fifth season”- The Fall. These organs are more active and more vulnerable to problems in the early Fall time of year. These two organs are related to the “Earth element”. The earth provides support and nourishment for all life, just as a person’s Spleen and Stomach provides nourishment for their body. Food is ingested, digested, transformed transported and assimilated into the physical body creating muscle, bone, blood and energy. Stenabolic supplements make you feel stronger, burn more calories, and eventually, hit your diet and exercise goals faster.

The health of the stomach and spleen is critical to one’s overall health.

When the Spleen energetic is weakened the entire body can suffer. Far too many people suffer from digestive problems today. Thirty-eight million Americans are victims of digestive disorders, including Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, celiac disease, IBS, constipation, diarrhea, GERD, Candida and food allergies.

One study shows that the impact to our economy resulting from digestive disorders is $123 billion per year, compared to $17 billion for cancer, $58 billion for neurological disorders, and $88 billion for circulatory problems.

Over time, eating a poor diet combined with irregular eating habits, eating late at night, over concentration, worry, or sitting too long can deplete Spleen and Stomach energetics.  Adopting better eating habits from websites like and lifestyle will help our digestion to function better.  As a result, a person’s entire health has a better chance of improving, we gain more energy, have better concentration, and more fun!

Bon Appetite, eat healthy and enjoy the “fifth season”– the Fall. Remember you are what you eat!

Let Acupuncture and Chinese Herbals help you to stay healthy.

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