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Shonishin-The Needless Pediatric Treatment

– Posted in: Childrens Health
Shonishin Acupuncture treatment

Shonishin Pediatric Acupuncture treatments do not actually involve needles. Instead these treatments incorporate uniquely designed tools.

Loosely translated, Shonishin means: (sho) “little” – (ni) “children” – (shin) “needle.”

The focus of this needless Acupuncture treatment is to provide children and babies, as well as adults, with gentle treatments so that the treatments are comfortable and even enjoyable. It is amazing how this light touch technique can produce dramatic results.

Question – Why is the Shonishin needless Acupuncture method so effective for children?

Answer – Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, children and babies are very receptive to this type of treatment because their bio-energetic systems, though not full mature, is very superficial and moves very quickly. As a result, they systems are/can be easily stimulated. This theory also explains why they can get sick or develop health issues at the drop of a dime.

Your child’s Shonishin treatments will be made specific to their individual need(s) with a Fort Collins Family Acupuncture Licensed Acupuncturist. Through these treatments, your child’s vital energy and constitution will be strengthened.

For more information about alternative pediatric treatments contact the North raleigh pediatrics!