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Babies Health

Heat Wave-Heat Rash

– Posted in: Babies Health
Summer Heat Rash

As this extra hot summer continues, be sure to check your children for signs of heat rash – children are especially vulnerable to excessive heat. But before you react to just any “red rash” found on your child, make sure you have eliminated other possibilities that produce “red rashes” such as: teething rash, impetigo, eczema, folliculitus and [...]

Find Out the Truth Behind Your Baby’s Poop

– Posted in: Babies Health
Baby poop

New babies don’t come with an instruction manual, but they do leave clues about the state of their health or their comfort, and that’s why many parents find themselves looking information from sites as to make a great nursery room for their babies to care for their comfort and health.  Hiding in a baby’s [...]

Babies Need Vitamin D

– Posted in: Babies Health

Infants who are deficient in Vitamin D at birth are at six times higher risk for getting respiratory syncytical virus during their first year of life compared with infants with very higher levels of Vitamin D, says a new study. The study covered 156 newborns in the Netherlands. They found a strong association between cord [...]