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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Oriental Medicine

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Carpal Tunnel

Affecting approximately 3 to 6 percent of the general population, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is most commonly caused by continual strain or pressure being put on various nerves and tendons located in the wrists and hands. The disorder is typically caused by trauma, repetitive hand movements such as typing on a computer or performing maintenance [...]

Combatting the Opioid Crisis and Chronic Pain with Acupuncture

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Popppy bud - opiates and opioids are derived from poppies

Each year, more than 17,000 fatalities occur in the United States as a result of the ever-growing prescription opioid epidemic. Heavily influenced by marketing campaigns from pharmaceutical companies, physicians are liberally prescribing painkillers like opioids to combat chronic pain caused by a variety of diseases and illnesses. However, with addiction occurring in 1 out of [...]

Consider Acupuncture For Weight Loss

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Acupuncture can help with weight loss

More than 50% of Americans say weight loss is a personal goal, yet only 25% say they are making serious efforts to lose weight, according to research conducted by Gallup. Every year, Americans spend $60 billion trying to lose weight through various methods, including gym memberships and weight loss programs. With growing waistlines and shrinking [...]

‘Cupping’ and the Quest for Gold – Treating Olympic Athletes with Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Olympic cupping

The 2016 Summer Olympics are currently underway, and many viewers have been quick to notice a handful of U.S. athletes sporting red and purple spots on various parts of their bodies. The marks are a result of cupping, an ancient form of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that helps alleviate problems such as headaches, dizziness, swelling, [...]