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Heat Wave-Heat Rash

– Posted in: Babies Health
Summer Heat Rash

As this extra hot summer continues, be sure to check your children for signs of heat rash – children are especially vulnerable to excessive heat. But before you react to just any “red rash” found on your child, make sure you have eliminated other possibilities that produce “red rashes” such as: teething rash, impetigo, eczema, folliculitus and poison ivy or oak. A true heat rash results from a child becoming too hot and sweaty, to the point where their sweat ducts become clogged and rupture.

Healthy children in Chinese Medicine are viewed as little balls of Yang-Heat energy. This can be observed in their frequent and on going explosive outbursts of energy as well as their sometimes uncanny ability to be unaffected by cold waters (ie: beaches and pools).  As a result of children’s innate propensity toward heat and warmth, they are more susceptible to becoming overheated and for some will express it through “heat rashes.” [Side note: as we age, our “yang/heat” energy becomes balanced out by our “yin/cool” energy.]

Case Study: A patient’s 2 year old daughter came in this week complaining of a heat rash for several days.  It would come on when sleeping when using the sleeping wedge pillow and then would pass quickly. What we recommended at Fort Collins Family Acupuncture is some Baby Tuina (a massage specifically for babies which often replaces Acupuncture in little ones), cupping, and some dietary recommendations.  Within one day of this treatment the patient’s mother reported back that no more heat rashes had occurred.

If you or your kids are experiencing heat rash — before you rush to the Benadryl try Chinese Medicine first. Give us a call for an appointment.