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Find Out the Truth Behind Your Baby’s Poop

– Posted in: Babies Health
Baby poop

New babies don’t come with an instruction manual, but they do leave clues about the state of their health or their comfort, and that’s why many parents find themselves looking information from sites as to make a great nursery room for their babies to care for their comfort and health.  Hiding in a baby’s diaper is a wealth of information, and many new parents understandably find themselves spending a lot of time and energy trying to decode the messages left for them – the amount, the color, the consistency – and what it all means.

So what does the content of a baby’s diaper say about his or her health? And when should you be worried about what’s in the diaper? The complete article from WebMD.

Chinese Medicine has long been aware that examining (or simply being aware of) your bowel movements can tell you what state of health your body is in. That is why it is very common that we ask about your bowels when you come in for Acupuncture treatments or herbal consultations.

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