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Where Did Acupuncture come From

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Man with acupuncture needles in his ear

Acupuncture is treatment modality that originated with Chinese medicine. The efficacy and simplicity of an Acupuncture treatment has caused it to spread far in advance of the rest of the body of Chinese medical knowledge. Today one can still find many medical practitioners utilizing acupuncture as an adjunctive therapy without having any understanding of the underlying theories or the more subtle aspects of treatment. This is a loss for the art of Acupuncture.

One of the most distinctive theories of Chinese medicine is that of meridians, or channels of energy, that connect the interior of the body with the exterior, the upper with the lower and the left with the right.

These meridians have yet to be objectified by modern scientific research, but their existence can easily be observed by anyone who takes the time to learn their pathways and functions and look for them while going about day to day. The Nei Jing lays out the pathways of the meridians, their relationships to each other and their functions as well as general information about the balance of the energies in the human body. All of this comprises a detailed and technical understanding of what health is and how to promote it, what disease is and how to intervene when it occurs.

At Fort Collins Family Acupuncture, our primary approach to treatment is 8-principle Acupuncture, other styles are incorporated as needed, such as Japanese style Acupuncture, Auricular (ear) Acupuncture, and Five Element. Our goal is to help our patients return to a state of wholeness and vital health by using the best tools for the unique needs of each patient. Thus we do not limit ourselves to one style of Acupuncture; rather we use the best combination of methods appropriate for each person’s unique situation to achieve superior results.

We look forward to helping you on your road to ongoing good health.