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Lab Mice Show Acupuncture Releases Natural Painkillers

– Posted in: Acupuncture
Mice have been used in Acupuncture studies

Some new studies have used mice to try and study the effects of Acupuncture and pain.  The mice in the study had discomfort in one paw. The researchers measured the level of pain before and after an Acupuncture treatment by touching the paw with a filament and measuring the difference in reaction time.

This is just one more of the many studies and tests that have been conducted to try and put some statistics to the fact that the ancient Chinese form of needle therapy, Acupuncture — actually eases pain.

Acupuncture prods a natural anesthetic into action.

Adenosine is a natural pain killer in our cells, which works like a local anesthetic. It’s released after an injury, and inhibits nerve signals so the brain never receives the painful messages. An Acupuncture needle starts that process.

Muscle and skin cells contain adenosine, but normally they don’t release it.  But the Acupuncture needle…you can look at it as a small injury. It’s not really painful, but still injures many cells. As soon as adenosine is released it is very potent, so even if a few cells are damaged, it would give rise to a fairly substantial amount of adenosine release and reduction of pain.

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