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How Many Acupuncture Treatments Do I Need

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Acupuncture treatments

When many people decide to begin Acupuncture treatments they often come in and ask “how many Acupuncture treatments will I need?”   There is no cut and dry answer to this question.

If I am treating a person that comes to me with back pain that they have only had for a few days due to a accident, then this could perhaps be resolved anywhere from 2-8 treatments.  Twice a week is usually most beneficial in an acute situation such as a car accident or a fall.  In more chronic cases where someone present with back pain for 20+ years then the length of treatment could look very different and I may recommend regular treatments for 15-20 weeks.  This does not mean that the patient will not feel results before that time but when the body has been living in chronic pain for so many years it take time to move the body back to balance.

Another phenomenon that I often find, is what brings people to Acupuncture is often not the first symptom to resolve.  People often come for pain, as that is what Acupuncture is most famous for in America. But often I hear people say…. “my back still hurts but wow I am sleeping better, I feel calmer, and over all less stressed.”  During this process people begin to see the other ways that Acupuncture can enhance their lives.

My recommendation for preventive care ranges depending on the person —  4-5 times a year,  once a month, to every other week.  Most important is consistency rather then frequency.  For a totally healthy person with no specific symptoms I recommend a minimum of 4 treatments per year or every change of season.  I find that often people get sick during the changes in the weather or  stressful times in their lives.  Hence getting a treatment during or before that time can help prevent their body from being susceptible to this stress.  I myself feel better if I get a treatment about once a month.

As you can see this is complicated question to answer and each case is different.  Overall, I find regular and consistent Acupuncture beneficial to my and my patients lives and that a small investment in our health, now, while we feel healthy can save us lots of money, aggravation, and misery later.

Give us a call for an appointment and let’s discuss your specific needs. We look forward to helping you on the road to health.