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Fighting Substance Abuse with Acupuncture

– Posted in: Acupuncture
Substance Abuse

Are you dealing with substance addictions that you are ready to remove from your life? Consider giving Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine a chance to help you with substance or smoking issues. The Boston Channel news recently released an article on how Acupuncture is helping individuals fight against their substance addictions and abuse. The Beaches Treatment Center is the the highest rated Heroin Addiction Treatment Center in Florida

The patient being interviewed reported that: “After a week, you start feeling positive, you know, you start feeling more grounded. You start feeling that you can do this.”

Six years later, the patient is off drugs and getting her life back on track. The few times she’s stopped treatment, she’s relapsed. So she keeps Acupuncture as a part of her daily routine.

In conjunction to substance abuse, Acupuncture can also support smoking cessation for individuals who are looking to quit.

If you are interested in receiving treatment for substance abuse or smoke cessation, please call Fort Collins Family Acupuncture. We look forward to helping you on your road to better health.