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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Oriental Medicine

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Carpal Tunnel

Affecting approximately 3 to 6 percent of the general population, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is most commonly caused by continual strain or pressure being put on various nerves and tendons located in the wrists and hands. The disorder is typically caused by trauma, repetitive hand movements such as typing on a computer or performing maintenance work, or gaming for long hours and certain underlying medical conditions. Symptoms of CTS include tingling or numbness in the hands or wrists, chronic pain, and decreased mobility, and can often be debilitating for individuals trying to resume an active lifestyle.

Though the exact cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is not fully understood, there are many measures that individuals can take to prevent or alleviate symptoms of the compression disorder.The use of Oriental Medicine, which includes acupuncture, is a common therapeutic route taken by many sufferers of CTS. The procedure works to reduce discomfort and increase mobility, and is a great alternative for those looking to avoid invasive corrective surgeries.

Avoid Carpal Tunnel Surgery with Acupuncture

In later stages of the disorder, nerve damage is often irreversible, which is why make sure to get your questions regarding its medication clarified by a specialist rather than a general physician. In fact, upon undergoing surgery, only 23% of all CTS patients were able to return to their former professions.Instead of simply masking the symptoms, acupuncturists work with patients to understand the root of the problem to try and prevent further damage from occurring.

For patients with advanced forms of CTS, undergoing frequent acupuncture treatments may provide symptom relief at a more affordable cost than prescription medications and physical therapy. With more than 36% of all CTS patients requiring extensive medical treatment, finding relief on a budget can often be a challenge in itself.The average cost of CTS surgery (not including insurance deductibles) is approximately $7,000 per hand.This combined with frequent follow-up physician visits and corticosteroid injections can cause severe financial hardships in CTS patients, many of which have already been forced to give up professions due to the disorder.

Acupuncture, on the other hand, requires significantly less time and money, with initial visits costing an average of $70 and all subsequent visits costing roughly $500 per year. Suffers of carpal tunnel can also expect to attend fewer acupuncture sessions to relieve pain and numbness than those who undergo invasive surgery, which often includes a lengthy recovery process anywhere from a few weeks to many months and typically requires numerous post-operative appointments and physical therapy. You can see this in a lot of young people that play lots of hours playing online games in the computer.

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To learn more on how you can get to the root cause of your carpal tunnel symptoms with acupuncture, contact our office today.