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Addiction and Traditional Chinese Medicine

– Posted in: Acupuncture

My Uncle, Dr. Lynn Hankes, sent me an article on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Addiction Treatment today.  He is now retired but was one of the pioneers in Addiction Medicine.

This article discusses how Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can be a beneficial complimentary medicine to people suffering from addiction.  TCM is a modality that has the ability to target, mental, physical, and emotional health, which when working with the complex issues of addiction can improve, and often add, the missing piece people are in search of in their recovery process. It offers effective addiction recovery programs.

In my practice I have treated addiction ranging from helping people to quit smoking, to getting them off pain medication.  If you or someone you know is suffering from an addiction have them call Fort Collins Family Acupuncture to find out how we can help support you in your recovery.