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Acupuncture on NPR

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Acupuncture treatment

Dr. Marc Ringel says “So long as the patient gets better, I don’t care why he does.” in an NPR commentary.

Many of our Western minds need “proof” that something works before we can buy into it.  I too am a skeptic at heart.  But I try not to let that skepticism lead me through my life inhibiting me from experiencing things I don’t fully understand.

I was dragged to my first Acupuncture treatment by a roommate years ago and the effect it had on me made me realize that sometimes there is no answer to why does this work.  I am okay with that — I see my patients get better everyday and I don’t much care why as I am that I am happy they do.  This fact motivates me to keep searching for the why but I am happy with the fact that it’s sometimes challenging to explain.

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