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Acupuncture Helps Treat Pain

– Posted in: Acupuncture
Leg pain

Acupuncture does help treat pain, a new study shows. German researchers tested pain responses in 24 healthy volunteers with leg pain and found that Acupuncture increased pain thresholds by up to 50 percent. The effects occurred in both the treated leg and untreated leg.

The study also found that two types of nerve fibers — A delta pain fibers and C pain fibers — were altered by Acupuncture.

The pain reduction effect of Acupuncture in the healthy volunteers was modest, but the results provide the basis for future studies in people with chronic pain, where the beneficial effects of Acupuncture may be more dramatic.

The study also shows that contralateral stimulation leads to a remarkable pain relief. This suggests that Acupuncturists should needle contralaterally if the affected side is too painful or not accessible — for example, if the skin is injured or there is a dressing in place.

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