Fort Collins Family Acupuncture
Located inside Natural Health Associates
313 West Drake Rd - Suite 210
Fort Collins CO 80526

Phone - 970-472-0955
Fax - 970-372-4437

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About Our Clinic

Fort Collins Family Acupuncture is dedicated to top-quality patient care. Acupuncturists Kimberley Benjamin (clinic owner) and Savannah Russell are each licensed, fully trained, and have received extensive educational background and experience.

We love what we do, and we endeavor to show this to you every time you see us as a patient. During your first visit, we spend up to 90 minutes thoroughly assessing your condition and discussing the treatment options with you. A comprehensive diagnosis is clearly communicated to you. We then do 40-60 minute follow-up appointments as needed. We educate you about what’s wrong, why, and how your condition can be healed according to Chinese medical principles. You will receive a full range of care, as needed. This can include one or more of these techniques: acupuncture, nutritional and lifestyle counseling, herbal consulting, cupping, moxibustion, and Tuina (Chinese style massage) as needed.

Please feel free to speak directly with Kimberley Benjamin, owner of Fort Collins Family Acupuncture, about your health needs and concerns. At Fort Collins Family Acupuncture, your treatment specifically reflects your unique individual dynamics and is personally tailored to your needs.

Fort Collins Family Acupuncture is dedicated to help you attain the kind of wellness and health that allows you to fully embrace the life you want. We accept many of the most popular insurance plans, and we will work with you to help eliminate the hassle of filing and obtaining benefits.

Evening appointments are available.

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